Sunday, July 25, 2010


The wife and I are sitting here in the living room with a bored dog and a cat that wishes the dog would go away. It is raining outside, cold, wet, and nasty. So much for a nice summer day in Alaska. I am still thinking about the message from Pastor Mark this morning. He made a comment that really resonated with me: Focus on God, absorb His character, and your character will be changed. I thought of the the old movie The Blob where people are absorbed by it. When my son was little,  I used to cover myself with a blanket,  crawl on the floor, shouting "Absorb" and try to cover my son. This is a poor example but best I can come up with. (: This poor example illustrates the fact that our creator wants us to know Him in a close and personal way, and the best way to do this is to get close to Him. Study His word and follow it; Pray, which is just talking to God really; Find a Bible teaching church and learn about your creator.
All for now.