Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The basics

Just to make sure I am understood I would like to define the following terms using the second edition of the new world dictionary. Tolerance - a tolerating or being tolerant, esp. of views, beliefs, practices, etc. of others that differ from one's own (pg 1495). Tolerant - to recognize and respect (others beliefs, practices, etc.) without sharing them (pg 1495). Diverse - different, dissimilar (pg 411). Diversity - variety (pg 411).
So, based on the above definitions, if all groups with a different background than myself - I have a conservative christian world view - those groups should respect my opinion and allow me to express my views without being bashed, belittled, put down, ridiculed, etc. I will be tolerant of others opinions and viewpoints and recognize that people have varying views. That does not mean that I will not question some of their beliefs, opinions, etc.

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