Friday, January 27, 2012

Pushed into life

Pushed into life

David Henderson in Culture Shift says that the Bible pushes us into life rather than pulling us out. Isn’t what this Jesus said in the great commission? To go and make disciples. We need to meet people where they are. Be it bars, homes, workplace, street, wherever there are people we need to be there.
Alan Hirsch states that we need to follow Jesus’ command “by going out rather than just reaching out.” By the end of the third century there were 20,000,000 followers of Christ. Think about that. There was no transportation except your two feet pretty much. No means to spread the message except one on one communication. The zeal the early Christians had to spread the message was amazing! Hirsch lists some of the "handicaps" these Christians faced as they spread the message of God:
             They were an illegal religion throughout this period: At best, they were tolerated; at the very worst they were very severely persecuted.
             They didn’t have any church buildings as we know them: While archaeologists have discovered chapels dating from this period, they were definite exceptions to the rule and they tended to be very small converted houses.
             They didn’t even have the Scriptures as we know them:They were putting the canon together during this period.
             They didn’t have an institution or the professional form of leadership normally associated with it. At times of relative calm, proto-typical elements of institution did appear, but by what we consider institutional, these were at best pre-institutional.
             They didn’t have seeker sensitive services, youth groups,worship bands, seminaries, or commentaries, etc.
             They actually made it hard to join the church. By the late second century aspiring converts had to undergo a significant initiation period to prove they were worthy.
So what is your excuse? Why are you not out among the people of your neighborhood, state, or world engaging them where they live as you live out the Gospel of Christ?


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