Monday, February 13, 2012

How a can opener can help us with our church. (Sharpen or discard)

In a recent small group our fearless leader started a discussion about can openers. Maybe not the most spiritual topic to talk about, but read on – there is a point to this.

Here is the opening question: If a can opener can’t open a can is it still can opener?
After much philosophical discussion, along with breaks for oreos, fig newtons, and coffee, we concluded that it was not. But what to do with it?

Our fearless leader’s 14 year old son walked by and we asked him what to do with a can opener that did not work anymore. His answer was simple yet powerful.

“If it does not work, either sharpen it or throw it out.”

Could we not apply that to the  Church. If the church is not fulfilling its God given mission of making disciples, it should either be sharpened or thrown out.


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