Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just do it!

From: How Systems Affect Decisions by Bill Easum
"A person with enthusiasm brings a new ministry idea to the pastor. The pastor takes the new idea to the official body or to a few key leaders. They reject the new idea 95% of the time because they "have never done that before." The pastor tells the person it cannot be done. The person figures out that this is a place that does not respond to new ideas. The person is disappointed and drops out and looks for another church. The leaders are glad they did not respond favorably to an idea from someone so uncommitted to their church. The story is repeated over again and again.  In time, the leaders are never presented with any new ideas."
As long as you have God’s leading that this is the path you are supposed to follow, just do it and on don’t worry what others think or say. Ricinella in Now I walk on Death Row states to not worry if others agree with you or not, it is time to follow where God wants you to go.

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